Blackwork Biscornu

I enjoy doing embroidery. It’s something mindless to do while watching TV. It’s also good for me as an in between projects project, something to do when my mind is bored with what I’m working on (which happens too much for my liking). Therefore I am starting a biscornu with a blackwork pattern on it. A biscornu is a pin cushion of sorts made out of two squares. I have not been able to find much medieval documentation for the biscornu but blackwork examples are rampant on artwork of the period, starting with Henry VIII.

I will be using a pattern out of the Ensamplario Atlantio book. There is a pdf download of the entire book that I am linking below.

I chose to use this pattern

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.55.32 PM

due to the fact that a biscornu needs to have the center element clear and the design radiating towards the corners. Plus it’s mostly straight lines, which is much easier to embroider than curved edges. I think I am going to give this away as a gift when it is done, but since I haven’t made it yet who knows? I may like it too much to do something like that!


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